Democrats Attempted Coup

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting a Coup against the lawful authority of the President of the United States.

There are lawful methods for removing a Presidents authority over the military. Nancy Pelosi should be prosecuted for sedition for trying to subvert those lawful processes.

Over the past four years there have been repeated attempts to portray President Trump as unhinged and liable to arbitrarily start wars and launch nukes. A few moments of thoughtful consideration will demonstrate this idea is ludicrous.

Firstly, he hasn’t started any wars. In fact he has been removing troops from other countries.

Secondly, he’s not going to launch nukes. Who would he nuke? Why would he nuke them? What would the ramifications be? He has hotel properties all over which make soft targets for retaliation. Those properties have no special protections while he is President, let alone when he’s out of office. He has children and grandchildren who he obviously cares about. Why would he risk their inheritance? In other words he has much to lose personally, but nothing to gain.

President Trump may be uncouth but he’s not self destructive. The Trump is unhinged narrative demonstrates more about the unhinged state of the Democrats and their media allies than it says anything about Donald Trump.

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