Education During Covid

Just a few years ago Washington democrats argued that education was our paramount duty, Washington teachers took the state to court, the state supreme court agreed and said the state wasn’t following the Washington constitution by not adequately providing for education.

Now it’s not so important…. destroying children’s lives by locking them up at home and trying to terrify them is more important…

Suicide rates are up, domestic violence rates are up, runaway rates are up, depression is up … incalculable damage to our children’s future…..

But that’s not important to the media or the state government… they’d rather sacrifice the children in the service of a depraved political agenda

Meanwhile “essential” stores like pot shops are open for business ….


  1. Lots of alarming, scary stuff happening in our world these days. Sometimes we tend to forget about the good things in life and become angry, distasteful people because of it. We must remember that God allows things to happen for a reason and life is about suffering. We should turn to God for assistance and pray for our Country. Our Lady Undoer of Knots pray for us!

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