Illusions of Inadequacy

While watching YouTube it’s easy to get caught up in all the things everyone else does and begin to feel pathetic about your own existence. You need to remind yourself that you’re amalgamating the lives of many people into one fictional super person who does all kinds of interesting things. The reality is that you are watching many people who each individually probably aren’t all that exiting.

This person can amazing at the piano, that person is visiting desert islands while sailing across the Pacific, this other person is building amazing machines with their 3d printer. They are all different people. If you look at the pianist, they spend thousands of hours to get there, it’d be pretty boring to watch them practice. The sailor spends days staring at vacant ocean, which would be boring to watch, the person building amazing machines spends many hours designing the machine (unless they’re lazy and download it).

Each of them lives a pretty boring life while they’re putting in the prep work for the highlight reel that you get to watch on YouTube. Then you take the highlight reels of many people and mush together in your brain and feel inadequate.

You are not inadequate though. If you are using your talents and abilities as best you can in the circumstances that you find yourself then you are making the world a better place.

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